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Start Your Journey Today

It's always nerve wracking to start up with a new practitioner.  Often times we feel anxious and afraid, not knowing what to expect and hoping it will be worth the investment. It takes a great deal of COURAGE to embark upon deeper levels of healing and a leap of FAITH that we will feel better and move on to the next chapter of our lives.


Emotional Energy Medicine is a process that involves peeling back layers of emotions, traumatic events, and memories that are now trapped in your body and auric field. You can experience relief after one session, yet as with most things, it can take multiple sessions to feel completely resolved from the situation. 


So, I have created a SPECIAL RATE for all my NEW clients to give us the opportunity of seeing each other consistently. After the first month, the price will go up to the usual rate. I also offer packages and bundles too. 

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(First Month)

$77 - 1 hour

$111 - 90 min

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(After 1st Month)

$99 - 1 hour

$155 - 90 min

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Package of 5  - $444

Package of 10 - $777

Package of 20 - $1,440

Each session uses a blend of different techniques and modalities.

Depending on what your goals are you can expect to walk away with the

following items to support you between sessions:

  • Customized affirmations / Tapping Points 

  • Essential oils Support

  • Journal Prompts / Writing Exercises 

  • Visioning Assignments

  • Mantra Meditations

  • Goal Setting / Accountabiliy

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