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Take your first healing step with 
  • Release trapped emotions 

  • Create true freedom from the past

  • Align you to your life purpose

  • Embrace your authenticity

  • Radiate more joy & happiness

Grey Limbo

I have been in the world of self development and spirituality for over 20 years. As a fully trained Emotion Code Practitioner, EFT Tapping Coach, and Sound Healer I have supported people by helping release trapped emotions, PTSD, trauma patterns, chronic stress, and reconnect them to their TRUTH. 


With a foundation in Kundalini Yoga & 12 Step Recovery, I have combined all of these modalities to transformed my own life. I have healed childhood trauma, anxiety/hormonal disorders, PTSD, and I have found lasting self esteem, self forgiveness, and a deep connection to my authentic self.

I know what it's like to be lost, disconnected, and in my own way. Together we will create a sacred space tailor made for you, so that you can easily release the things that are blocking you from living your best life. 

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The 3 Elements to Emotional Energy Medicine

Trapped emotions can have adverse effects on our physical, emotional, and etheric bodies. Whether you've inherited negative energy or experienced trauma that has left lasting emotional scars in this life, my work is geared towards addressing these blocks in order to promote healing and well-being. Utilizing three powerful modalities, I work to release energy from the physical, emotional, and etheric body, giving clients a chance to feel lighter and freer, both mentally and physically.


You Can



  •  Lovingly dive deep into the root cause, honor the experience, embrace the wounded parts of yourself to STOP the pain cycle.


  • Release Chronic Anxiety, PTSD, Destructive & Addictive Behavior, Physical Aliments, Phobias & Fears by acknowledging the experience, rewiring the issue, and aligning to the truth.


  • Uproot Negative Core Beliefs or Ancestral Patterning that may be blocking you from connecting to higher realms of your intuition.


  • Harmonize to the frequency of Abundance & Prosperity

  •  Vison Your Goals

  •  Anchor in Self Esteem

  •  Improve Mood & Emotional Well-being

  •  Make Gratitude & JOY your New Normal

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What Clients Are Saying...

"Thank you for your love, empathy, space, compassion, and passion. I feel so safe with you, like my soul trusts you. I can open my heart wide open with you and this is healing me on such a deep level. My inner child has been in pain for so long, & your safe presence is giving her a voice and opening my heart again! THANK YOU!"
                                                                                                                              -  Kirsty B
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Start Where You Are

Congratulations, you've come this far!


If you are ready to take the next towards step click the link below and schedule a FREE 15 min conversation. 

Here we will:

  • Ask you a series of clarifying questions to help us discover your present concerns as well as the way forward.

  • Make sure that our relationship will be a “good fit” for each other.

  • Answer any questions about the modalities and the coaching process. 

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