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What people are saying...

"Fiona was very sympathetic towards my well being during the entire session. Not once did I feel that we were going through any pre-rehearsed sequence, rather she customized the session to work exactly the way it was needed to work for my benefit. She took her time and really listened to the tonality of my emotions, and it's very important for a practitioner to listen." 

James, ITF Coordinator

I've known of tapping for years and haven't really had any inclination to try it. The session with Fiona profoundly changed my impression of its use and effectiveness. I honestly was surprised at how gentle and gradual yet totally mind-blowingly powerful the session with Fiona was. I am now inspired to continue with all the many other challenges and issues that surely will arise haha. Such a beautiful modality with a gifted Healer.

Hannah, Buisness Owner

Fiona will take you to the depths of where you didn't know you needed to go, and will hold you in so much love, compassion and empathy that you are able to process--on a cellular level--what you need to shift, metabolize and transmute. Wow. I had the most INCREDIBLE session under a Leo full moon, and I felt so held, so seen, so safe and loved from Fiona. Her phenomenal instincts, EFT mastery, and awareness of the journey of excavation, expansion and transformation will leave you breathless, in awe of your own capacities and energized by the raw potential that her healing container holds. Tapping with Fiona has the power to revolutionize your life. Just trust your "yes", and she's got the rest. 

Sera, Actress

The guidance I have been receiving from my sessions with Fiona has been helping me to unravel the grip of wounds which have so long been a core part of my experience. 


With such wisdom and grace Fiona eases me into a space which feels safe, where I feel seen, heard, and understood. Her ability to tune in to what I most need to let go of and then call in, is the nourishment that has been missing. My body and mind are finally opening up to forgiveness for myself and others, making room for the experience of life that I so crave! 


When you are ready to embark on your healing journey, Fiona will shine the light for you to come home.

Michelle, Healer

I had such a great and profound experience with the eft tapping technique. Fiona held a very safe, kind, and neutral space so that I was able to open up completely and go clear to the core of the negative belief system I was living by. She lead me through a grounding meditation first, that was very powerful, and I was able to stay centered in my own feelings and thoughts to focus on healing myself. Fiona has a very solid yet very gentle presence that creates a safe container for healing, I really appreciated this. She really knows her stuff! Thank you so much!

Lisa, Healer

In my personal experience, one tapping session helped me more than multiple therapist sessions. 

Meriah, Holistic Mama

I felt a sense of safety and trust with Fiona that was built solely in my session with her. Her calming presence, ability to listen, and soothing voice all contributed to the beautiful energy and soothing, productive experience. This was my first tapping session. I'm not sure what was going on but that's the beauty! I was simply present and participating and felt safe in her care and guidance throughout.

Andrea, Yoga Teacher

I was a little skeptical about tapping coming into the session, but Fiona immediately put my mind at ease. Her strengths lie in her compassion and intuition and she is very skilled at getting to the heart of whatever it is you're working on. I am someone who has a hard time opening up emotionally, but she created an incredibly safe environment where I felt comfortable exploring complex, deeply-ingrained emotional issues. After just one session, I experienced powerful improvements. Also, she does sessions over Zoom, which was very convenient. If you are on the fence about booking a session with Fiona, I encourage you to take the plunge; she's wonderful!

Andrea, Actress

Fiona is a gem! Truly a gift to the therapeutic community! She is a kind and compassionate soul with the ability to heal those around her. The value I’ve gotten out of my tapping sessions is priceless. My sense of calm and confidence returned after just the first two tapping sessions. I am so grateful to have found her.

Emily, Author

Fiona is a gifted practitioner of EFT and quite skillful, empathetic and compassionate. She feels totally invested in the process and is also very intuitive in her prompts and framing of the issues. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to clear trauma and go to deeper levels of healing. 

Larry, Musician

Fiona holds a truly angelic and grounded space where both emotional honesty as well as the frequency of the miraculous co-exist. She guided me through the EFT tapping with grace and skill and bridged breath, somatic experiencing, and navigating to the roots of limiting belief systems and fear. Today I feel better-clearer, more rested, and serene. I definitely hope to do this again with her soon!

Alice, Coach

Fiona is a natural guide during her tapping sessions. The accuracy and ease of which she guided me paired with her full attention/ presence and clarity washed over me and helped make the session even more powerful than ever. She has a knack of specificity that helps hone in on the issue to release. I believe these sessions have helped heal and further mend things that I have worked on for years but haven't fully been able to process/ let go of. Tapping with Fiona helps access the parts that have been so buried and wired in and somehow now they feel dislodged and ready to be lifted if they haven't floated away already.

Denise, Producer

Fiona is super heart centered and tuned in. I had a beautiful and calming session where I had a lot of insights into an issue that I’ve been working on for some time. I highly recommend her. 

Shehera, Sound Healer

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