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The old paradigm

The old paradigm of just talking about our problems can be a trap. ​


I did years, probably decades, of “talk therapy.” In my years of trying to get help in this conventional manner, only on the rare occasion did I ever get a revelation. A jaw dropping, lighting bolt, “Ah-ha!” moment that put my life into perspective and made everything make sense. Sadly, most of the time I would regurgitate my pain story and leave with the same amout of anxiety I came with. ​


After years of trying to understand, "what was wrong with me" I began to see that what I was truly suffering from was acute anxiety brought on by PTSD and childhood trauma.  


What I have now learned about PTSD and Trauma, is that these issues get trapped IN the body. So, by only talking about them I would set off of chain of familiar events. First I'd reactivate the emotions, then ignite my fight and flight response, this in turn would crank up the cortisol, and recycle it all over again through my body and nervous system.  This kept me stuck in an emotional trauma loop.  


To find true relief I needed to get OUT OF MY HEAD and INTO MY BODY where the trauma was! I needed to trick my brain OUT of it's hyper intellectualism (another form of protection) and drop in to with where the pain story was living in my body. By doing so, I could then acknowledge the issue... ask what it needed... integrate what happened... and TRULY BE FREE.  


And while I want to be clear that I'm not "dissing" therapy... (it's a tool that helps many)... I needed more. I needed someone to guide me to ROOT out the issue and release the STORY(ies) that have been hold me back and keeping me stuck for years.​


If you are reading this... I'm guessing you might be ready for this too.

A new kind of way

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” 

Albert Einstein

It's time to embrace a new way of healing. A way that is intuitive, somatic, and individualized. A way that is gentle, easy, and effective.


To be held in love with a trusted, capable guide, as you navigate the most challenging places of your life. So that you can bring peace through your nervous system and balance back into the body. 



When I started doing EFT TAPPING, EMOTION CODE & SOUND BALANCING to help me through my anxiety, PTSD, and trauma I almost laughed out loud. How could these simple, silly looking techniques work? 


Yet, despite my skepticism (aka - fear/ defense mechanism) I did believe in the MIND / BODY connection.

I resonated with alternative healing concepts that believe that the body is intuitive and intelligent and can heal itself. Every cell, organ, tissue in our body vibrates to a certain frequency and we have energy centers and meridians that communicate with us constantly... if were are open to listen to what they are trying to say. 


When there is any amount of trauma, emotional or physical, the body keeps record of it and does what ever it can to bring us back into homeostasis. With the blend of EFT TAPPING, EMOTION CODE and SOUND BALANCING we can dissolve trapped emotions from every angle and feel lasting relief. It's a powerful, harmonious, healing trifecta. 

Some benefits you can experience with 



Transcend Trauma

Heal Negative Core Beliefs

Clear Ancestral Patterning

Reduce Stress & Anxiety 

Dive into Physical Aliments

Improve Sleep

Treat Phobias & Fears

Release Destructive & Addictive Behavior

Honor Grief

Embrace Forgiveness

Strenghten the Connection to your Higher Self

Open Channels of Abundance & Prosperity

Manifest Your Goals

Improve Mood & Emotional Well-being

Make Gratitude & JOY your New Normal

Anchor in Self Esteem

and so much more...

It's as simple as...

Book a session
  • If you are new and have never worked with me before I suggest booking a FREE 15 MIN CONVERSATION with me so that we can to get to know each other and assess your needs.. 

  • If you are ready to dive into a personalized 1-1 session CLICK HERE.


Fill out form

Once your appointment is set you will get an email with a LINK to a GOOGLE INTAKE FORM.

This form will be a place where you can share intimately about your issue.


I encourage you to really dive deep so we can get the most out of our session.


Feel the freedom

In a safe, sacred container, we will go deep into your issue and bring you as much relief as we can.


Some subjects take more that one session to completely "dig" it out... but you will feel the RELIEF after one.  

I have been in the world of self development and spirituality for over 20 years. As a fully trained EFT Tapping Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner and Sound Healer I have supported people by helping release PTSD, heal trauma patterns, let go of stress, and reconnect them to their TRUTH. 


With a foundation in Kundalini Yoga & 12 Step Recovery, I have combined all of these modalities to transformed my own life. I have healed childhood trauma, anxiety/hormonal disorders, PTSD, and I have found lasting self esteem, self forgiveness, and a deep connection to my authentic self.

I know what it's like to be lost, disconnected and in my own way. Together we will create a sacred space tailor made for you, so that you can easily release the things that are blocking you from living your best life. 


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