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I am all about transformation. Healing our past and the patterns that bind us, is the surest way to free yourself from the negativity that is blocking you from happiness, joy and love. 


As an EFT  Tapping coach, Emotion Code Practitioner & Sound Healer; I love helping others overcome anxiety, heal past trauma patterns, and reconnect them to the truth of who they truly are. 

Below is a a little bit more about my own journey... 

My Story

If I had to give myself one word, it would be ~ resilient. 

For years, I was caught in a loop of unresolved trauma and coping mechanisms, trying to survive. I wrestled with addiction, codependency, and low self esteem. My fear of intimacy and abandonment attracted disconnected, unavailable people, and I was always running, from myself, my anxiety, and the pain. 

There were times I felt so lost, and broken I didn’t know if I was going to make it. My light, like a candle, was flickering and almost out. My “way” wasn’t working anymore… and I needed help.

Thankfully, my inner compass led me to a path of recovery and realignment. Today, I am sober 21 years. Along the way I found Kundalini Yoga, and it solidified my spiritual foundation. The more I healed, the more things opened up... I found the love of my life and defied all my negative beliefs that I'd "never find THE one". My marriage created a safe place to heal, and with love and support... I have continued to rebuild my trust in myself, my intuition, and strengthen my authentic self.

As an intuitive, transformational coach I am here to help you uncover patterns which once helped you survive, and now have become the very thing that blocks you from your next evolution. By using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, my years in recovery, and Kundalini Yoga, we dive into your story, realign to the truth, and write a new one.

I am passionate about going into the places that have blocked you and co-create a personal path of freedom and manifestation. 

You are worthy and deserving of this... 

You are worthy of a good life.

You are worthy because it is your birthright. 

Let's do it... together!

Sat Nam, 



After years of trying to understand, "what was wrong with me" I began to see that what I was truly suffering from was acute anxiety brought on by PTSD and childhood trauma.  


What I have now learned about PTSD and Trauma, is that these issues get trapped IN the body. So, by only talking about them I would set off of chain of familiar events. First I'd reactivate the emotions, then ignite my fight and flight response, this in turn would crank up the cortisol, and recycle it all over again through my body and nervous system.  This kept me stuck in an emotional trauma loop.  


To find true relief I needed to get OUT OF MY HEAD and INTO MY BODY where the trauma was! I needed to trick my brain OUT of it's hyper intellectualism (another form of protection) and drop in to with where the pain story was living in my body. By doing so, I could then acknowledge the issue... ask what it needed... integrate what happened... and TRULY BE FREE.  


And while I want to be clear that I'm not "dissing" therapy... (it's a tool that helps many)... I needed more. I needed someone to guide me to ROOT out the issue and release the STORY(ies) that have been hold me back and keeping me stuck for years.​


If you are reading this... I'm guessing you might be ready for this too.

Marble Surface

Let's Work Together

The times we are living in are calling us to heal and transform.

Not just for the planet, but for ourselves as individuals.

It's time to step into your true potential and shine as the light you truly are!

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